For some time I was looking for a way to develop MS SQL connected application on Linux. I want to create a bridge between two applications and one of them stores data in Microsoft SQL. Since Kubuntu Linux is my development platform of choice I needed a way to be able to connect to the database from my system.

There are several obstacles to overcome, of which the most annoying is that you can’t put MS SQL on Linux directly. There might be a dozen solutions to this (like having an additional Windows/MS SQL server) I prefer to keep all the needed things on my dev box. Since I have Windows 7 RC downloaded and there’s a free download of Microsoft SQL Server Express 2005 I decided to put Virtual Box to hard work for me.

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“You are a developer, software engineer, web designer, text writer… You want your files accessible from all the places (like a source for your project or a template for a website) - and you want to be sure that it is always the most up to date version… Sure you can drag those files along on a USB stick and copy it forth and back. You have those files even if there’s no Internet access. Important? Sure but…”

With MinGW git port (no need for Cygwin!) - git now looks as a great alternative to both Subversion and Bazaar on Windows.

Let’s get things started.

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